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Is it BETA?

Started by James C. Fuller, June 07, 2019, 02:35:21 PM

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Chris Chancellor

what does "ola am Horge"  mean??    ???

Eduardo Jorge

Chris Chancellor
probably he meant would be Chris and Eduardo
can be characteristic of his language, and translated looks like there, well just think,
if it is not, I will not stress with the "acumen" of others, just can not confuse me with a criminal
this translator can lead to certain inconveniences, I even went through this, something I had written was taken as arrogance after being translated

Chris Chancellor

Hello Eduardo

as you see "Chris aka Eduardo"    where aka means also known as
in English

so we can misinterpret that sentence to mean  Chris = Eduardo 
which is wrongful use of the term aka

also i do not understand what is "ola am Horge"  and in what language?, as i only can read and write in English only

Eduardo Jorge

by the name looks like Croatian
but like I said I will not warm my head with the perspicacity of others
has a link indication there in the user, "http://basicpro.mipropia.com/smf/index.php"
but leaving aside, how are you with O2?

Chris Chancellor

Thanxx Eduardo

i'm ok and not using O2 much as we are exploring other alternatives to PB

O2 needs to be stabilized first before we embark into serious programming
and that it is achieving Beta status now means that it is quite good.

Chris Chancellor

So in Jun 2019  O2 is in Beta?

Charles Pegge

Yes, o2 is in the beta phase, currently 0.2.7. This means minimal changes to keywords and syntax, along with self-compiling, and some extended capabilities and bug-fixes.

The main changes have been:

  • Equates default to 32bits in 64bit system
  • Support for UTF-16 source code.
  • Ability to pass and return UDTs by value
  • Adapt Operator system to support variants as well as other UDT types
  • Removal of automatic scoping inside procedures
  • Built-in RES file linkage

Chris Chancellor

Thanxx a lot  Charles

That's a beauty mate  :)

Excellent job that you had done with no equals