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Started by Gary Beene, October 19, 2013, 04:00:23 AM

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Gary Beene

Hey Jose!
Sorry, but I had to go out for dinner with the wife, so I dropped out for a couple of hours.

I'm about to give your suggestion a try!

Your help is very much appreciated!

Gary Beene

Hey Tom!
A lady-friend of my wife's is in town. They grew up together.  They can talk for hours and hours! And, I'm supposed to join right in!

Gary Beene

I think the term you were looking for is ....

Trophy Husband!


José Roca

Hi Tom,

I wonder who is completely off topic now.

Gary Beene

Very cool!  Being moderator, I can create a new thread and move all my off-topic posts to the new thread.

Kind of a low-level absolution for my posting sins!

David Warner

I think you deserve a slightly higher status than 'Jr. Member'. Now that you are a moderator, can you upgrade yourself? If so, I suggest you go for something at the top Gary. ;D

José Roca

The status only changes by the number of posts.

David Warner

Just as it should be.
(P.S. I was only joking).  :)

Carlo Pagani

QuoteThey can talk for hours and hours! And, I'm supposed to join right in!

That's why we ahve RDP and tablets.... so that you can stay in touch with home PC and blogs while your wife chats ;)