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CSED translated to French with some additions

Started by Marc Pons, October 18, 2012, 04:56:34 PM

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Marc Pons

As a new PowerBasic guy, I was looking for a good code editor for PBWin , CSED is a real Diamond and I immediatly adopted it.
For better usage , i adapted it in diferent points :
- Translated to French Csed an external Tools,
- added 5 new buttons in toolbal  : Comment/Uncomment ; Indent/Unindent & new Format global code,
- Some modification on Indent/ unindent actions to act without any selection
- new format code procedure ( adaped from Do format in this forum)
- Highlighted Keywords PB and Win32 ( based on Win32 keys)
- context help for PB and Win32
- more options on help menu
- modification on shell external tools ( modification of drive/folder)

All is available here.

Marc Pons from France

Patrice Terrier

Patrice Terrier
GDImage (advanced graphic addon)